Short Story Review

Short Story Review Instructions (revised) (final draft due Oct. 16)

Short Story Review Rough Draft instructions (very slightly revised) (rough draft due Oct. 5)

Sample draft by Emily Sarid, annotated

Sample draft by Marie-Claude Champoux, annotated

Integrating quotes, useful templates, transitions

Outline template

Short story review blogs:

How to write a short story review. Basic, simple instructions.

A Just Recompense Blog.  Your reviews will have to be longer and more involved than this. Also, you’ll have to integrate your quotes. So, the structure of what you’re doing will be different from the reviews on this blog. But, I think you can take something from the spirit of these short entries. Karen Carlson writes with a genuineness and a passion for the stories. She also manages to make some profound analytical statements in her brief entries. Pay attention to her tone, and how she seems to be speaking genuinely to her readers.

(I’ll post more short story review blogs shortly)

Book review sites:

New York Times Book Review. This is probably the most widely read book review site for English books.


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