leaticia hammadache, Angelo Bergamin, Martika vilar oliveira, Denisha Fleury, Sindy Ann Fernando, Marie-Claude Champoux

This is how to survive midterms.


  1. first of all, you need to go to class and take detailed notes that are properly organised
  2. look over power points
  3. go out and get wasted, forget about the midterm you will fail anyways 🙂
  4. this will lead you to a healthy lifestyle without stress
  5. make sure to regularly abuse substances
  6. show up to your midterms high
  7. don’t procrastinate
  8. find a study partner to ask you questions
  9. go to the library and take a nap
  10. binge watch new shows on netflix
  11. seriously, just drop out
  12. take a flight