Kayln Riccucci, Maggie Sessenwein, Lenz Layug,  Tabiesha Thompson, Justin Aquino

Growing tomatoes can be hard. They require lots of work!


Here are some steps for planting the perfect tomatoes:

  1. Dig a nice hole.
  2. Get some prime quality dirt/fertilizer and fill that hole up! You can buy some, or hey you can make your own!
  3. “Plant the tomato transplant up to its two top-most set of leaves.

    Roots will form along the buried stem” How to correctly transplant a tomato seedling.


  4. You can choose between 2 different methods to grow your tomato plant.
    1. You can have it propped up against a plank of wood (Stake method).
    2. Or you can have the plant grow in a little cage (Cage method).
  5. Keep in mind that you have to maintain your babies. Try and remove the extra side branches growing out of the stem. You can use scissors or just pinch ’em.

Important reminder:

You have to water the plant or it will dry out, but you can’t water it too much or it’ll drown. Tomatoes need about an inch of water a week.