Kaela-Rose LeBlanc,Mireille Jauvin, Angelo Bergamin, Martika Vilar-Oliveira, Shanna King, Jeffrey Smith.

Last week we worked on forming themes and how to develop an interesting argument for our thesis statement. We made more general statements about the themes and formed philosophical questions that opened up many possibilities for essay topics. We learned how to integrate quotes, either by using a colon or a comma. We chose a literary element from the story “Moving On” and described how it added to the story.

We learned a helpful process for finding a theme from scratch, which we can use in our next story response.



  1. It’s interesting for him to say that the scene of the women snoring in unison is terrifying, maybe because it sounds like a big cat/lion.

2. The image is well drawn, because it shows how he cannot handle the noise when he sleeps in that house