Emilie Cohen, Anna Romanowski, Chad Levett, Luka Vaguidov, Mathew de Marchie

  1. how to formulate themes – the themes have to specific to the story but also have to be able to apply or relate some way to everyday people or situations.
  2. identify literary elements and how they relate to the themes
  3. how to integrate quotes in sentences using the comma

It is still unclear to us when to use the comma versus the colon when integrating quotations.

The skills that we can use to write our short story are all of the above.



We think the incorporation of the 6th sense is interesting because we also feel there is strong imagery in this scene. Having the perspective as the daughter, instead of Elida, gives us a different point of view on the situation. The whole paragraph is very well incorporated in the image. We see the intensity through the auditory imagery.