Kaylyn Riccucci, Samuel Dion-Dundas, Andy Nhieu, Brandon Marshall Daley, Justin Aquino, James Dinh

Task #1

  1. We learned the two different ways (the colon and the comma) of incorporating quotations in our response. We described and analyzed the different literary elements and themes. We also did some critical thinking and learned how to find the right quotes to properly convey our point or argument. “The right quote” meaning the quotation that contains the information necessary to prove our argument right or wrong.
  2. The main one was using the colon and the comma when adding quotations. We also  learned how to brainstorm efficiently.

Tutorial for SMART Notebook 15.1_5

  1. They did a good job depicting the environment (e.g. snow, cracked walls).
  2. The drawing reflects the clutter in the protagonist’s life. It’s messy and suffocating.