Emily Sarid, Kyle Smith, Simon Perras-Dyotte, Patryk Majewski, Miruna Mincic

Discussion Questions:

  • What do you think we learned in the last two classes?

How to identify themes and how to further develop them to apply them to a universal idea.

How to write a good thesis statement: identify the main obstacles encountered by the protagonist as well as the themes explored throughout. Think outside of the context of just the story (apply it universally). Question this, and then with this in mind, see how it can apply to the story.

How to properly format quotes.

Importance of word choice.

  • What skills did we work on?


Identify a particular concept to focus on


  • What skills might help with your short story review?

The importance of questioning the motives of the character as well as aspects of their surroundings. The broad and abstract questions are especially important, even if you may not know the answer.


It’s interesting how he starts vibrating from sleep.

The imagery of him sleeping alongside Elida is very busy with sound while they only drew him with his new wife without any exterior noise disturbing them.