I’ve changed things around a bit from the schedule and from what I announced in class. Pay attention:

For Monday, Sep 25

Read “The Big Cat,” by Louise Erdrich in The Best American Short Stories 2015. There is no reading response to complete for this story. 

For Thursday, Sep 28

Read “The Fugue,” by Arna Bontemps Hemenway in The Best American Short Stories 2015. Complete the following reading response (due Sep. 28). Respond to the prompt below in a 200-300-word response.

Slight warning: This probably the most challenging story we’ve read this semester. It’s the longest (20 pages) and the subject matter is a bit difficult. I’m sure you can handle it just fine but I’d probably say don’t read it right before going to bed at night.

Reading response prompt:

  • What effect does the structure of this piece have on your experience of reading it? In other words, how does the layering of different memories make you feel and react as a reader? 
  • In your response, cite one or two passages that you found particularly “fiery,” and that help you explain your answer. Discuss these excerpts in detail. 

To respond, click on “leave a reply” (written below). You’ll have to sign in with your WordPress account (or enter your name and email). Write your response. Please write your full name at the bottom of your response so I can identify you. Click on “post comment.” You will not see your comment. You’ll likely get a message saying something like: “Your comment is being held for moderation.” Please post it only once. Do not email me asking if it posted.

Copy and paste your response onto a Word document and save a copy for yourself, just in case. You don’t need to print it and bring it to class. In case of any technical issue, you can hand in the hard copy at a later date. In terms of technical issues, benefit of the doubt will always go to the student.