Justin Aquino, Kaylyn Riccucci, Andy Nhieu, James Dinh, Samuel Dion-Dundas, Brandon Marshall Daley

Task 1


Five possible themes that the story Moving On attempts to present the readers with are:

  1. The process of transitioning into a different way of life
  2. Grief from the loss of a loved one
  3. How humans seek for affection
  4. Institutionalization of love    [DEHUMANIZATION OF LOVE]
  5. Trying to repress thoughts for the past and strong emotions/feelings

How humans (through any age) seek for a sense of affection and belonging from people (whether they be their significant others, friends and others).


Task 2

How humans seek for affection

  1. What are some ways that you may attempt to seek affection?
  2. How are some ways you attempt to express your affection?
  3. Why do you attempt too seek out for affection?
  4. How could you measure affection?
  5. Do you prioritize affection or individuality?


Task 3

  1. What is affection?
  2. Are there many types of affection or is there only a single type of affection?
  3. How does one measure or define their individuality?


Task 5&6

Literary element: Character

The woman’s Placement Team is letting her take care of her husband’s affairs, “Which means [she] can stay in [her] house, pretend he is away on business while [she] stand[s] in the closet and smell[s] his clothes” (44).

As she is being confronted by her Case Manager, she reads over the letter intended for the man in the other shelter, and is embarrassed because the letter reads, “I promise that we’ll find a house, […] we’ll be the lucky ones. […] We’ll never wait for something we want now, like children. […] I’ll never cook him things he doesn’t like because I think he should like them”. By the end she realizes that, “Of course, [she’s] writing to [her] husband” (52-53).

By the end of the story, our narrator realizes with dread that, “[she’s] not looking forward to this day. But [she] won’t turn [her] back on it. As the manual often states, it’s [her] future. And it’s the only one [she] get[s]” (55).


Task 7

Throughout the story, the narrator realizes she is powerless to the circumstances that are imposed upon her and slowly comes to terms with her new reality.

“Moving On” shows how the protagonist is, at first, absolutely destroyed by the loss of her husband and how she has a difficult time getting over it to how she atlas accepts the fact that life moves.