Morgan Kane, Jessica Rupnik, Patryk Majewski, Huikun Zhang

“Enough of this” is a vague statement, but yet a powerful one as well because we know that he bares too much pain. It shows how tough he actually is and the kind of attitude he has: “Enough of this, Wallace decided” (82).

Wallace is barely conscious and unable to comprehend the situation at hand: “I said just stay down, relax for a second,”Coach Vee said. Wallace asked him what he meant by stay down. They were both standing up. Coach Vee winced at him. “Oh,” Wallace said, lifting his head up to look around. “Fuck me” (83).

Wallace has suffered a severe head injury: “The left side of his head felt like it had been dug out with a spoon” (84).

The second quote analyzes the moment when suddenly everything in his life changes because for the first time in his career he loses a fight. It also explains the personality of Wallace when he suffers defeat. we can tell at this moment, that Wallace isn’t used to facing failure and has trouble accepting it.