1. What is the purpose of this letter?

The purpose is to explain her reason for escaping and ultimately leaving him behind. She feels as though she owes him an explanation, however doesn’t necessarily feel guilt or regret. (Doing it for her own sense of closure).

  1. How far after the end of the story is this being written? Answer this in two words.

One year.

  1. What happened after the story ended? Answer this in one sentence. It’s okay if this changes as you’re writing.

Kavitha and Mustafa settled into a new community where they started a new life filled with happiness and freedom.


Dear Vinod,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time now, however I’ve never managed to get the words down on paper. It’s been one year now since we parted. Remember all the times we discussed how I couldn’t bear the thought of living without you? Well, I’m sure my actions on the train must’ve been quite the shock, and honestly, they were to me as well. That being said, my sweet Vinod, I owe you an explanation.

I know it’s been one year, however I feel as though “I was widowed long ago” (273). Throughout our ten years together you treated me respectfully and I am forever thankful for that. Our time together lacked the spark and connection that marriage is supposed to be about. When I looked at you, I wish I could’ve seen the love and excitement in your eyes, however this was not the case. I kept hoping for a more fulfilling future and so despairingly held on to this thought, however I “noticed that the dullness persisted” (262). When I looked at others, I recognized the connection and “sweetness between them” that we simply did not have. This made me realize that we both deserved more.

On that train, the emptiness I had felt throughout our time together was stronger and more prevalent than ever. You had reached over to comfort me, however I felt more of a comfort in my brief interactions with the young boy than I had felt with your touch. Seeing that young boy and the hopeful look in his eyes made me realize I had to change. At the time, “nothing was quite clear in (my) mind, but never had two rocks and a piece of twine seemed to hold so much promise. I remembered who I used to be, all the small things I used to love like my evening walks, the smell of Jasmine in my hair, or the sensation of blowing eyelashes off my fingertip. I had turned numb.


Emily Sarid





Huikun Zhang