Task one:

Task two:

Choose three fiery passages from three different scenes in the story. Copy and paste them onto a new blog post. Title the post with the group number that Jeff assigns to you. Make sure to include a page number with each citation.

Task three:

  • Upload a featured image to your post, as per instructions.
  • Publish the post to the category: “You’ll Apologize”, Sep 14″.

Task four:

  • Open the post of the group that is one number higher than yours. (So, if you’re group 5, open group 6). Group 7 will open group 1.
  • Add a proper contextualizing sentence to each of the three citations there.
  • Publish the post.

Task five:

  • Open up the post of the group that is one number higher than the one you were just working on. Group 7 will open group 1.
  • Start with the quote you find the most “fiery.” Write a few sentences that dig below the surface of that citation to try to discover some deeper meaning within it.
  • Look at specific words, phrases and images. Look specifically for any that are ambiguous or are revealing of character.
  • Look for any that point to any deeper possible themes.
  • The basic idea is: why is this an interesting quote? What’s potentially going on beneath the surface here?
  • Repeat for the other two quotes.
  • Publish the post.