Mireille Jauvin, Charlotte Vezina-Dufresne, Brandon Marshall, Justin Aquino, Lenz Layug, Anna Romanowski


  1. The purpose of this letter is to check in on her husband and see if he is dead or alive.
  2. She writes the letter once they have met up with Mustafa’s cousin and she is settled in.
  3. Mustafa and Kavitha reach their destination and Kavitha hears news about how the train caught on fire. It turns out that as Ahmed was patrolling the train, his machete scraped on the metal walls of berth (evident by the scratches on the machete) and kerosene residue was not washed off the berth properly. The scraping of the machete created a spark, igniting the kerosene.


Dear Vinod,

my handsome husband. It’s been five months and I don’t know if you’re dead or alive. Either way I am a happy independent woman who found an amazing and intelligent boy named Mustafa. He showed me to his amazing family and his cousins are so adorable. Anyways back to the point, I really do love you but there’s something that I never told you during our marriage. I realized that you are not the man that I was looking for. I was just in the moment at the time but I didn’t really take a good look at your face until our second week in. I didn’t even know you were older than me. Twenty-one, that’s crazy. Now I know better not to let my parents plan my wedding. The main point that made me change my feelings towards you was when you gave me that vicious slap. That made me really think about you Vinod. Why would you do that to me? I was your woman and that was the first time I ever talked back to you like that. Why didn’t you give me a chance to say what I wanted to say. You know what? There’s something else you sick rat. You were the most boring person that I’ve ever seen and met in my whole existence. I ”…had once liked taking evening walks” (Rao 263), but you were always too tired to muster up the energy to walk with me with my beautiful self. You know how much time I’d take to do my makeup and find the right clothes to wear? You’re unbelievable Vinod. You’d just come home on your lazy butt and just sit all day talking about “ohh I’m tired” and “ohh get me something to eat”. How about YOU do all that for me because I’m the one doing all the work here around the house. Okay, I vented everything it out now, took my Advil, sipped on my tea, I’m better now.

Now to finish all this off, let me explain why I left you on the train back there. I felt trapped around you. You never gave me the chance to do the things that I wanted. We almost never communicated and with Mustafa, we did not even have to talk verbally to interact with each other. Remember during our marriage we had our stillborn child? I told you that I didn’t want to keep on trying anymore but I felt as though Mustafa was the child that I was naturally supposed to have.