Caterina Saletnig,Angelo Bergamin,Simon Perras-Dyotte, Amine Hadji, Miruna Mincic, pamela Rochefort

This letter is being written a year after she left the train with Mustafa. They now live India just the two of the in a small home, he is currently in school and she is working.  The purpose of this paper is to update him on her new life, and to let him know that she is finally happy without him.


Dear Vinod,

I am writing this letter to let you know why it is that i left that day, and to let you know how i am doing.  If you are reading this, i hope you are doing well. In this letter i want to tell you all the things i never told you,  ” [i] knew very well [i] would manage just fine without [you], maybe even better than [i] had with [you]” (262). I wished our marriage was bonded by love,like our neighbor’s “it was just that there was such sweetness between them” (264) , which was a sweetness we never had.With Mustafa i finally feel a real bond. He is like the child i never had. He is the reason why i chose to leave that day. i made that decision “thinking only of the little boy”(270). I chose to leave without you, because i have already felt like a widow for so long, “I was widowed long ago” (273). Now that i had the choice to live, i chose to live without you, which is a choice i wasn’t  given.