Morgan Kane, Michaela Teolis, Maggie Sessenwein, Jeffrey Smith, Samuel Dion-Dundas, Nareh Sarkissian

A. What is the purpose of the letter?

The purpose of this letter is for Kavitha to gain closure and give a proper goodbye to her husband.

B. a year later

C.   After the story ended, her and the boy lived in East Pakistan as mother and son, building a life together.


Dear Vinod,

It’s been a year since I’ve last seen you. I do not know if you are dead or alive. I never got to say goodbye and goodbye to us and our marriage. There is still a flicker of hope in me that you are still out there, like the rare flicker in your eyes. For the longest time, I’ve wanted us to be so much more than what we were and it disturbs me that I couldn’t ever find that with you. Whenever you were at work, waiting for you to come home, I would watch the couple across the street from us. I admired their marriage because they were everything we never were. “[I] watched them with envy. [I] nearly cried with it.” Were you as unhappy as I was? Did you ever love me?

Mustafa and I are a family now. He was the child on the train that day. He’s the child we never had. The stillbirth changed me and it changed our relationship. “[I] had often wondered, during those years, whether [I] should have named the baby. [I] decided it was better that [I] hadn’t. Not because [I] would have felt greater loss, there was not, [I] knew, a loss not greater but because naming the child, a girl they had told [me], would have been an act of bravery, and didn’t want to be brave.”

I saw my chance of saving myself and Mustafa and I took it. I know it was selfish of me to leave you the way I did, without a proper goodbye.”“And [I] knew that on the train, when [I’d] laid [my] head on [your] shoulder and had felt the roundness and knobbiness of a bone so funny, so irreverent, so unlike [you], [I] had said [my] goodbye.” I’m sorry. Now that I have a family, I’m finally happy and found a kind of love that I never had with you.