Marie-Claude Champoux, Kaela-Rose LeBlanc, Sahar Jaleel, Kyle Smith, Mathew de Marchie, Patryk Majewski


  1. What is the purpose of this letter? Answer this in one sentence. It’s okay if this changes as you’re writing.

To tell Vicod all the things she could never say to his face, because she was so focused on being compliant.

  1. How far after the end of the story is this being written? Answer this in two words.

One year since she escaped.

  1. What happened after the story ended? Answer this in one sentence. It’s okay if this changes as you’re writing.

Kavitha took Mustafa to his cousins and they allowed her to stay. She became Mustafa’s caretaker because she found out he was orphaned.


Kavitha had always insisted that she wanted to go first, that she could not possibly bear the pain of living without Vinod. But that was a lie. She knew very well she would manage just fine without him, maybe even better than she had with him. P.10

  • Why she coped so well with his passing, how she was able to move on


As the months went by, she noticed that the dullness persisted; his eyes flickered for a moment, maybe two, when he was on top of her, but then they died out again. P.10

She knew he was gone, that she was now a widow. The awareness was not startling. Not even frightening. I was widowed long ago, she thought p.21

She slipped it over her head and handed it to him. Vinod seemed to wince. Was it for her or for the gold? P.14

  • How she viewed Vinod, their distance, their unsatisfactory marriage

In fact, in the time since they’d been married, it seemed to her that she’d lost most of her preferences. She had once liked taking evening walks, but he’d always said he was too tired. She had liked weaving jasmine into her hair, but their scent had made him nauseous. P.11

Vinod, who was sitting next to Kavitha, reached over and patted her hand, as if to calm her, but she was already strangely calm.



It has been a year since I left you, and I do not regret it. I always said I wanted to be the first to die, because I could never live without you. This is not true. Without you, I have remembered how fond I am of evening walks, weaving jasmine into my hair, and wishing on eyelashes. Without you, I remembered who I was before I became a wife.

I have a son now. Mustafa. He is not like you. He is full of life and love, something I had not felt for a very long time. I had always wondered what drained the light from your eyes. I know to be safe is a blessing as it is, but I deserved so much more than the little you gave.

On the train, I followed an instinct I did not know I had. I was not afraid of those men nor what they would do, because I had so little to lose.