Isabelle Bujold, Kaylyn Riccucci, James Dinh, Avishek Paul, Chad Levett, Sindy Ann Fernando

1.What is the purpose of this letter?

A way for her to let her emotions go and express how she really feels about Vinod.

2. How far after the end of the story is this being written?

One year

3. What happened after the story ended?

Vinod dies. Kavitha and Mustafa are living together. They’re living in a different city.

Dull eyes? Her friends had
exclaimed. Just be happy he doesn’t beat you.

She wanted, for the first time in the
ten years she’d known him, to collapse into his arms. She wanted
to weep. She wanted to say, There has to be a way out.

Please. No more. In her memory,
that was the second instance of a flicker passing across his eyes.
Shobha Rao
She knew it was unfair—all of it—but she felt gratitude towards
Vinod for understanding, for not having touched her since and, in
a small way, he had increased, incrementally, her love for him.

Dear Vinod,

It’s been a year since that night on the train. I have had plenty of time to ponder what happened. I’ve been living with that boy in the berth that I left with. He’s small and quiet. I often wonder why I made the decision to save him and I’m sure you’ve wondered the same thing. I think it’s because after the loss of our own child I could not stand to see this one suffer. I do miss you from time to time, 10 years did mean something but I can’t say I miss you like a loving wife should. Because our marriage was arranged, we both had an obligation to stay together. The decision on the train was partially impulsive but I believe part of me needed for us to part ways.