Easy stuff for your first homework.

  1. Buy at least the first book we’ll be using: The Best American Short Stories 2015
  2. Read the Foreword (no need to read the Introduction)
  3. Think of a TV show that you like. Come in with a brief description of the main character. List the following things.
  • Name:
  • Age (approximately):
  • Job:
  • Family status (married, kids, etc.):
  • Desire (what are they hoping to achieve in life?):
  • What drives them? What motivates them to accomplish what they want?:
  • Describe their personality in 3 adjectives:
  • Weaknesses/flaws:
  • Strengths:
  • Are they likeable? Why or why not?:
  • Contradictions in their character?:
  • Greatest loves (people or things):
  • Greatest hates (people or things):

You’re not handing this in. We’ll be doing an activity with this in class. You can just write short notes for each of the above and bring it into next class.